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Dashamoolam Damu Movie News, Cast & Crew, Release Date Details

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Dashamoolam Damu Movie

Dashamoolam Damu is a Malayalam comedy movie. The movie news reports, trollers asked the director of the film, Shafi, to make a film on Damu, and Shafi agreed. The film will expectedly be a comedy, Suraj Venjaramoodu‘s iconic character Dashamoolam Damu is getting a film of his own. The movie star Suraj Venjaramoodu is in the lead role. The director of this Dashamoolam Damu movie was  Shafi.

Movie Plot:

Damu became famous of trolls and memes soon, and the character became more famous than the film itself. Dashamoolam Damu, a character in the film Chattampinadu. It is one of his most popular comic characters, which is popular among trollers on social media platforms.

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Trailer Updates:

The movie is the most popular mode of entertainment, a way to have fun. Movies take the audience to a different zone – making them laugh, cry, or feel afraid. Dashamoolam Damu has a screenplay is provided by Dashamoolam Damu. Suraj Venjaramoodu’s iconic character is a character in the film Chattampinadu, along with the star Mammootty.

Movie Release Date Details:

The character of Mammootty starrer Chattambinaadu had released in theatres in the year 2009. In a recent report by Times Of India, Dashamoolam Damu will be hit release on 04 Nov 2021.

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