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Rockstar Full Movie Download – 2015 Malayalam

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Rockstar Full Movie Download

Rockstar is a 2015 Malayalam romantic comedy movie, directed by V.K.Prakash. The movie is produced by P.K.Ratheesh under Build Block Productions. In the lead roles are Siddharth Menon and Eva Pavithran. Prashant Pillai has provided the Music. Below in this article, you can find the details about Rockstar Full Movie Download and where to Watch Rockstar Movie Online.

Ananth Abraham, a well-known singer in a troupe, gets introduced to Athira, a designer, in an inaugural function and spends a night with her. The next morning they decide that they are not made for each other and part their ways. Later Athira comes to know that she is pregnant and wants to grow that child for which she gets acceptance from her parents. Soon Ananth learns that Athira is carrying his child and wants to give the child his name in order not make him fatherless. Athira accepts the proposal with a condition that Ananth should stay in her house. By staying together both develop a good relationship and starts loving each other. Due to delivery complications, Athira loses her baby boy and she is compiled by Ananth. He leaves for Australia to join a Mega show and Athira stays alone.

Cast & Crew

Actors Character
Siddharth Menon Ananth Abraham
Eva Pavithran Athira Menon
Anumol Sanjana Kurien
Poornima Gayathri
Prakash Bare Narendran
Krishnachandran Vakkachan
V. K. Prakash Director
P.K Ratheesh Producer
Prashant Pillai Music Director

Rockstar Full Movie Download

Rockstar Full Movie Download is now telecasting on TV for the past few months. So do not encourage piracy and watch it on TV or else in Legal sites.

Movie piracy is an illegal practice that is the latest epidemic that is affecting the film industry financially at a global level. Piracy is illegal to sell, trade, and distribute to the users. Internet piracy is the latest trend that has to be eradicated soon. Punishment for the Piracy creators is stringent and punitive in nature. Click here to watch the latest movies on your smartphones.

Piracy is a crime and is punishable in front of the law. Let’s enjoy the Rockstar Full Movie Download watching on TV with the whole family or going to theatres and enjoy the good quality picture and sound effects.

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Where to Watch Rockstar Full Movie Online

Rockstar Full Movie Online is available in Youtube under the free version, so there is no need to download the movie from Illegal websites which is an unfair practice. We strictly recommend you to not watch or download the latest movies from illegal sites. Encouraging and sharing piracy is an offense. As of now, Rockstar Full Movie Online is not available in other Legal Streaming websites.

Rockstar Full Movie Online is available on Youtube for which you will find the link in Youtube 

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